PA ACE Stands with Protesters & BLM

Dear Colleagues,

The past few months and recent events of racism and violence against African Americans have reminded us about the inequities in our society – many of which have existed for hundreds of years. PA ACE’s Women’s Network wanted to make clear that we stand with the protesters and Black Lives Matter.  As part of the ACE Women’s Network, the PA ACE Women’s Network stands with ACE in solidarity under the statement issued by the national office. ACE President Ted Mitchell issued a statement on racial violence and injustice that we encourage you to read.

The global pandemic exposed disparities in digital learning/access to technology and healthcare systems affecting our most vulnerable populations. Discrimination against our Asian communities has increased; there is a disproportionate rate of mortality for people of color. The pandemic has caused furloughs and layoffs that threaten the careers of women and professionals of color. These issues touch the lives of community members whom we admire and respect and ultimately all of us as global citizens.

At this time, we are thinking of each of you, of our members and the students we all serve. We need to unite and galvanize as women towards the goal of equity and justice for all people. History has shown us that as women, we have created movements to establish change in our society and continue to play influential roles in doing so. We can and must fight to remove systemic racism and social injustice that have plagued our society for centuries.

We ask that you take the time to listen to our students, colleagues, and friends and learn from one another out of care and love.  On behalf of the PA ACE Women’s Network Board, we want to extend our spirit to you as we harness all of our emotions and energy towards action.  It is not enough to be quietly non-racist⏤we can and must do better.

This summer our board is planning to create programming allowing us to connect virtually in the future.  We will continue to do so with you in mind, knowing that we have a lot of ground to cover.  Our country is in crisis and our communities are suffering. Perhaps, as we work together, our small spheres of influence in the PA region can spark some real changes in our communities, campuses, and ultimately across the world.

Catherine Feminella (PA ACE Women’s Network State Chair) &
The Executive Board of PA ACE

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