Bernice Purcell, D.B.A.

Bernice M. Purcell, D.B.A.: Educator, Administrator, Data Geek
Position: Associate Dean of Business, Associate Professor of Management and MIS
Institution: Holy Family University, Philadelphia, PA

What does leadership mean to you?

For me, leadership is the willingness to plunge into the deep end of a pool that everyone thinks is inviting but is hesitant about getting into. After the initial plunge, it is showing people that the pool isn’t that scary and finding ways to invite everyone in. Finally, it is making sure everyone is working together to our common goal – enjoying the pool (and not drowning).

 Why is networking/mentoring important?

Networking and mentoring are hallmarks of success. Networking helps me meet interesting people – some of whom are in similar positions that can advise me (or commiserate with me); others are in diverse positions that are really fascinating to hear about and inform me about new trends or new possibilities. Mentoring is a wonderful opportunity to connect with someone who can give me advice about career paths and tell her (or his) war-stories; it is equally wonderful to connect with talented younger professionals and get to know and guide them.

Why are you a member of PAACE?

I am excited at the prospect of helping to make a difference as Treasurer of PAACE. I attended an ACE Women’s Leadership Conference last spring and met dynamic women leaders in education. I look forward to having the opportunity to enable women educators in Pennsylvania to have meetings and workshops more often and more locally – both for the development and the connections.

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