Gloria Oikelome, Ed.D.

Gloria Oikelome, Ed.D.
Position: Associate Dean, Science and Mathematics
Institution: Reading Area Community College

What does leadership mean to you?

Leadership to me is much more than a position, rank or title.  Leadership for me is about service and influence. It’s about building relationship and trust and inspiring others to achieve their potential. A true leader possess a genuine desire to serve, invest in others and bring people together to achieve a common goal. A leader is not great because of her power but because of her ability to empower others.

Why is networking/mentoring important?

Networking is critical because no one person has all the answers. We work best when we are exposed to ideas, innovation, and creativity from others. Networking provides the opportunity to gain new perspective in our respective roles. Mentoring is important because people are our most valuable asset. It’s essential to place a priority on developing people and exposing them to various opportunities that will raise them to the next level.

Why are you a member of PAACE?

I love having the ability to network and gaining new insight into my profession. As someone who has just recently begun her journey, I’m inspired by the journey experiences of other women. The opportunity to share and listen to both the triumphs and challenges on the journey is invaluable. I’m also excited about the opportunity to pay it forward and inspire those coming after me.

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