Jenifer Cushman, Ph.D.

Jenifer Cushman, Ph.D.
Position: Chancellor
Institution: Penn State Beaver

What does leadership mean to you?

Subscribing to Greenleaf’s “servant-leader” model, I consider my primary function to be enabling others to fulfill their roles within the organization to the best of their abilities. As chancellor, that means primarily guiding strategic vision and identifying resources, including of course funds and external opportunities, but also other kinds of support such as mentoring.

Why is networking/mentoring important?

Very few people—women especially—begin their careers with the professional goal in mind that they eventually attain. Our paths are often circuitous, so encouragement and support along the journey can be vital to motivation to achieve.

What are you a member of PA-ACE?

As someone who has reached my current position through befitting from ACE offerings—including Women’s Network, Global, and Fellows programs—I understand its substantial value for growing professionals.

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