Kathleen Owens, Ph.D.

Kathleen Owens, Ph.D.
Position: President
Institution: Gwynedd Mercy University

What does leadership mean to you?

Leadership establishes and communicates the shared vision for the institution and provides opportunities for all members of the community to share in actualizing that vision. It involves community-building, informed risk-taking, strategy and tactics, decision-making with the communication of rationale and more. Oh, and did I say–communication is essential.

Why is networking/mentoring important?

I was recently asked by the Philadelphia Business Journal to provide a statement (50 words or less) about my most influential mentor. My response follows: “Would you be willing to lead the University’s re-accreditation process?” A responsibility offered and accepted over 30 years ago provided a stretching, growth-filled opportunity that charted a future never imagined. Eugene Lappin, FSC, PhD offered me the privilege to lead, while also serving as a model teacher, scholar, and colleague.

Why are you a member of PA-ACE?

Very early in my career, I attended a few of ACE’s then ACE-NIP programs. I gained valuable insights from women eager to share advice and experiences, as well as connections that enabled me to follow-up with ACE members outside of meetings. Now, at this stage of my career, I am happy to do the same for the next generation of female leaders in higher education.

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