M. Lynn Breyfogle, Ph.D.

M. Lynn Breyfogle, Ph.D.
Position: Associate Dean, Professor of Mathematics
Institution: Bucknell University

What does leadership mean to you?

Every organization is made up of people, and the organization is only as effective as the people who work within it. Effective organizations require effective leaders. Leaders who actively listen to its members and help guide the decision-making. They understand the culture of the organization and motivate the members to do their best work. In my opinion, the most important aspects of a leader include someone who has the utmost integrity, is trustworthy, respectful of others, inclusive and welcoming, and passionate about the work that they do.

Why is networking/mentoring important?

Humans are social creatures. We learn from each other, we grow and develop by watching others and interacting with our environment. Networking in the academy provides the opportunity for workers within higher education to gain a better perspective of who and where they are in their professional trajectory, as well as the institution in which they work. When we have the opportunity to talk with others we are exposed to novel and creative ways to solve our problems at our own institutions. Mentoring is a specific kind of networking in which a relationship develops that allows the participants in the relationship to develop professionally. These relationships can help us to grow, thrive, and reach our professional goals.

Why are you a member of PAACE?

Two years ago I participated in the Wellesley HERS Institute, which opened my eyes to the reality, and provided me with the confidence, that I could someday serve in an upper administrative position. I am a member of PAACE because I would like to work along side other women interested in their own professional development and eager to develop into the best leaders they can be.

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